Vitrectomy Eye Surgery: Recovery Equipment - Australia

How will you cope after vitrectomy surgery?

Face-down posturing after vitrectomy eye surgery helps promote healing and recovery but can be most difficult to achieve.  The equipment provided by RetinaRecovery helps with correct posturing, which may be required for a week or more. It will help minimise the discomfort associated with holding the face-down position continuously for such a long time.

Renting the RetinaRecovery support system is economical and practical. It is a medical device that will provide you with help during the time you need it. Once booked, we will post the equipment  in time for your procedure and you can keep it until the end of the agreed rental period.                                                  



The RetinaRecovery support system allows you to adjust for situations when you are resting or awake and is portable, so you can move it around. It will allow you to read and even watch TV whilst maintaining the correct posture.

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