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You’ve had the news that you require eye surgery and that it will involve face-down posturing to assist recovery. The surgery is most likely gas vitrectomy, which involves injecting a gas bubble into the eye to treat a macular hole (the purpose of putting gas into the eye being to put pressure against the macular hole, to help it close). To keep the gas bubble in the correct position you will be required to look vertically down and, depending on the surgeon’s advice, this could be for a week or more.

Now that’s going to be difficult and, as someone who has experienced it, I encourage you to prepare carefully for the face-down period. Getting over eye surgery is difficult enough and having to position yourself face-down for such a long period doesn’t make things any easier. Your main task will be to make yourself as comfortable as possible during this period.  Keeping your head down for such a protracted period will be very difficult without support. …and how will you manage this while sleeping?



The first thing that comes to mind is some sort of support to keep the head in the correct position, without causing back and neck pain.
This is where RetinaRecovery can help as you will be able to rent what is essentially a table-top support, that can be adjusted to keep your head in the correct position.

This unit is also height adjustable so it can be placed on top of a table allowing sufficient space below your head  to write, read a book or have a drink, etc.

The support equipment we provide can be also adjusted so that it fits on the edge of bed enabling you to lie down and rest your eye.

It can also be adjusted so that you can lie down on the bed in a sleeping position.

 You can even use it with your glasses on (by turning the headrest sideways).

Face Down Position

Spending hour-after-hour face down can be socially isolating so to help with this we provide you with a special mirror which will allow you to see whatever’s in front of you without lifting your head.


One of the most important things to consider is the boredom of being face-down for such a long period, so you need to look into ways of entertaining yourself. Talking books are most helpful, so it’s worth a trip to the library to stock up on CD’s. A portable MP3 player (eg an iPod) with some audio books loaded is another solution. Another useful item is a portable DVD player as it will enable you to load and view a DVD with the DVD player placed flat underneath you (allowing your head to remain in the face-down position). Watching TV is also possible using the provided mirror. It’s even possible to rig up a portable DVD player to act as a TV monitor so that you can watch what you wish on TV.


It’s always going to be better if you have someone to help you cope over this difficult period …but if you are alone then some extra preparation is needed:

Be assured that with proper support you'll get though this. It’s difficult, but not impossible and the more you comply with the face-down
positioning the better your chances of success will be. If you have any questions feel free to email us


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